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idtracon Pty Ltd is an Australian owned & operated business that has an official partnership with USA based Metalcraft (ID Plates & Labels) to be their exclusive reseller of quality identification products within the Australasian Region. The team at idtracon brings a wealth of industry knowledge gained over 20 years experience working within the asset identification sphere so you can be sure your business gets the correct and most cost effective solution to track and control your valuable assets from cradle to grave insuring the maximum return on investment.

Metalcraft (ID Plates & Labels)  have been in business manufacturing and supplying quality identification products within the USA for over 60 years and they’re recognised as the most renowned and trusted identification experts worldwide.

Since the 1950’s Metalcraft (ID Plates & Labels) have been proven leaders and innovators in linear, QR and 2D Data Matrix Codes including RFID Technology for the purpose of identifying, tracking and controlling all types of assets, process and products with the toughest and most resilient versatile labels and nameplates.

idtracon’s exclusive partnership with USA based Metalcraft (ID Plates & Labels) allows idtracon to offer the widest variety of technology available today by supplying customised polyester, aluminium, stainless steel labels and RFID tags that are suitable for all types of environmental applications, from a mild indoor situation right through to tags that can withstand the most extreme harshest environments for well over 20 years.

Astute organisations recognise the benefits of developing and nurturing lasting relationships with technology leading suppliers and understand how critical it is to receive professional service and advice based on their particular industry application requirements. That’s why they choose idtracon, whatever your identification solution needs you can be assured that idtracon will have the right solution that will work and survive in your particular application and environment.

idtracon is extremely excited to supply the variety of versatile ID products Metalcraft (ID Plates & Labels)  has to offer into the Australian market place.



It’s always inspiring to receive feedback from our customers, this lets us gauge the quality of our customer service and products supplied.

Just a note to thank idtracon Pty Ltd for their assistance with the asset barcode labels for our Victorian Racing Club (VRC) Asset Audit Project.  We have teams of auditors on site using 7 inch android tablets with Sprocket mobile inspection software to capture the asset data and blue tooth scanners to capture the barcodes.  Your experience in advising the appropriate labels was fantastic and the labels arrived a day early of the ETA.

As the types of assets at the VRC are diverse, ranging from air handling units on the roofs of grandstands to commercial kitchen equipment, we needed to be sure the asset labels were rigorous and applicable to each environment.  The intensified metal barcodes are on all the plant and equipment subject to the outdoors and the premium poly barcodes for all indoor assets.  This will allow the VRC to easily manage and maintain the assets ensuring they are compliant and providing a great service to their customers.

Leanne Cluley, Reduxo | eProcurement, Expense Management and Asset & Maintenance Management


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