Barcode labels are a cost-effective and durable choice for your Asset ID Project.

Barcode labels streamline and greatly improve the accuracy of data by automating the process of asset identification and tracking.

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idtracon’s industrial-grade barcode labels are manufactured made to order (MTO) to meet a client’s individual application requirement of durability and unrelenting performance.

Our high quality customised barcode labels are designed to last. They are manufactured using a diverse range of base construction components being either aluminium, stainless steel, plastic or paper. A wide range of heavy-duty bonding, pressure-sensitive adhesives are available, which ensures the label meets the specific project needs and will withstand exposure to extreme environmental conditions.

Our tailor-made barcode labels can incorporate important details like static and variable text, logos, codes using various accredited (1D and 2D) symbologies with the matching human-readable identifying (HRI) imaged

What Are Barcode Labels?

A barcode is a tracking technology that uses a combination of parallel lines and spaces of various thicknesses to represent information like a serial number, price, weight, manufacture/expiry date etc. the encoded data can then be interpreted and displayed using an optical machine-readable scanner. This data can then be  downloaded to a computer hard drive to store or the data can be retrieved to display other information linked to that barcode.

How Are They Used?

Asset barcode labels adhere to highly essential equipment enabling organizations in a range of industries to efficiently identify and visibly track and deter theft or unauthorized transfer of their valuable assets. Barcode labels should be constructed to survive for the assets life cycle so the usage history and asset availability can be constantly tracked as part of an organizations asset management system.

Barcode Label Benefits

 Save Time

Reduce Costs


Accurate Record Keeping

Barcode labels make record-keeping extremely accurate by eliminating human error.

With every barcode scan, your inventory management system is updated. This allows for instant readouts for the status of stock levels, instant ordering of consumable purchases and accurately schedule deliveries.

This also enables the timely scheduling of repairs, servicing and maintenance which ensures production runs smoothly.


Barcode labels are inexpensive and can be adhered to any surface type.

Improve Efficiency

Barcode labels also provide for future planning to enhance the organizations’ bottom line by improving efficiencies, cutting costs, saving time and reducing overheads.


Why Choose Barcode Labels

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