Project Description

Barcode Nameplates for the Horticultural Industry

The tree tag allows nurseries, parks, orchards, vineyards and more the ability to track, document and maintain operations more efficiently and effectively.

By having a tag connected to each individual tree or plant, managers can document information specific to the plant such as the species, previous disease, pesticide treatment and more.

Complying with regulations to become organically certified.

These tags provide you with a vehicle for accurate and organised record keeping in real time.

Go green in the green industry by eliminating the need for paper by documenting information electronically.

This saves time by directly uploading the information into your software and also allows for more transparent and access to the most current information across your organisation.


Tree Tracking Solution

Asset ID Tags

Our clients range from school districts to hospitals to manufacturers that use Asset ID Tags to identify, track and control property, products and processes.

UID Tags

Our client base includes government contractors, agencies and builders that use UID Tags in order to achieve Mil-STD 130 UID compliance.


Our customers including large manufacturing companies and warehouse/distribution centres that use RFID tags for tracking fixed and mobile assets, reducing costs and simplifying

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