Project Description

Barcode Asset Tags for the Marine Industry

Often, in the marine industry, it is difficult to track equipment and machinery. Because of the high exposure to salt water, UV light, abrasion and many solvents, finding an asset tracking product that will withstand all of these applications is a challenge.

Using the following idtracon products in your inventory tracking provides the resistance and durability for an effective automated asset management system.

The products listed below can track assets found on work boats and shipping containers.

Asset ID Tags

Our clients range from school districts to hospitals to manufacturers that use Asset ID Tags to identify, track and control property, products and processes.

UID Tags

Our client base includes government contractors, agencies and builders that use UID Tags in order to achieve Mil-STD 130 UID compliance.


Our customers including large manufacturing companies and warehouse/distribution centres that use RFID tags for tracking fixed and mobile assets, reducing costs and simplifying

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