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Pallet Bar Code Nameplates

Maximise efficiency in your warehouse with Pallet Bar Code Nameplates.

Pallet Bar Code Nameplates are produced using a photo imaging process for maximum detail and then sealed within the anodic layer of the aluminium that protects copy and bar codes from chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures and ensuring accurate and reliable reads for years to come.

The specially designed adhesive adheres extremely well to polypropylene or polyethylene pallets or optional holes are available for mechanical fasteners.

Include copy with stylised type, logos or other designs to make your name really stand out.

Optional second colors are screen printed.

Intensification Process extends the label & bar code readability exterior life to over 20+ years

Add the optional Intensification Process and idtracon will GUARANTEE bar code readability for the life of the asset or it will be replaced at NO CHARGE*

The only label available that will survive the harshest applications plus exposure to the most extreme weather conditions.


The Tabbed Metal Bar Code Nameplate incorporates an additional tab feature that  makes removing the nameplate backing liner easier than ever, this feature is available in limited existing sized nameplates at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

*   idtracon is not responsible or liable for any labour costs associated to replace the bar code label and/or nameplate.

  • Warehouse/Distribution Centres

  • Material: 0.21mm (.008″) thick matte anodised aluminium is standard. Optional thicknesses include 0.31mm (.012″), 0.51mm (.020″), 0.81mm (.032″), and 1.6mm (.063″).

  • Affixing Method: 0.13mm (.005″) thick pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that provides an excellent bond to most plastics

  • Environment: Mild, moderate and extreme. Resists extreme abrasions, solvents and temperatures.

  • Numbering Options: Serialised/unserialised numbers, bar code with human readable numbers.

  • Delivery Time: Allow approximately 25 work days upon receipt of order and proof approval — URGENT expedited shipment is available for an additional charge.

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