Project Description

Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL) approved  Labels, Identification Labels & Nameplates

The UL logo is used by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. which is chartered to establish, maintain, and operate laboratories for the examination and testing of devices, systems and materials to determine their relation to hazards to life and property, and to ascertain, define and publish standards, classifications and specification for materials, devices, products, equipment, constructions, methods, and systems affecting such hazards.

The UL mark signifies both the label and the product it is attached to are UL approved.

idtracon is the Australasian agent for Metalcraft who has been authorised by Underwriters Laboratories Inc to print their UL logo on UL approved labels since 1988 making Metalcraft a world recognised leader in the identification products industry.

All UL recognised labels are required to maintain their durability and longevity in order to retain the information that must remain permanently available to the consumer regarding safety related information such as warnings, cautionary markings, installation instructions or electrical ratings about the product that it’s attached to.

As a manufacturer of durable nameplates and labels for over 50 years, Metalcraft specialises in the production of customised identification products for harsh environments.