Project Description

Metal Asset Nameplates, Metal Barcode Tags & Labels

For over 30 years, oilfield engineers have trusted photosensitive anodised aluminium for extremely durable equipment and process identification items installed in demanding on-shore and off-shore operating environments.

Using idtracon‘s Metal Barcode Nameplates in your pole inventory provides the foundation for an effective automated asset management system.

These highly durable nameplates last the life of the asset and will enable the tracking of the equipment affixed to the pole, the pole location plus the physical pole itself which makes the process of complying with Government Regulatory requirements far more efficient, enabling the saving of valuable time and importantly money.

Would you like to…
Reduce down time?                                 Lower maintenance costs?                     Simplify invoicing processes?
Virtually eliminate paperwork?              Improve accountability of leasing?

Integrating barcode or RFID into your inventory system can do all of this and more by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of data collection.

No Project is too Small or Large … Whatever your technology, you will find unmatched products to identify and track your assets, processes and products.

Bring idtracon your identification challenge. You’ll get a solution …. GUARANTEED


Asset ID Tags

Our clients range from school districts to hospitals to manufacturers that use Asset ID Tags to identify, track and control property, products and processes.

UID Tags

Our client base includes government contractors, agencies and builders that use UID Tags in order to achieve Mil-STD 130 UID compliance.


Our customers including large manufacturing companies and warehouse/distribution centres that use RFID tags for tracking fixed and mobile assets, reducing costs and simplifying

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