Project Description

Warehouse Tags, Inventory Labels

Warehouses are a dynamic environment, with storage configuration challenges that need to accommodate numerous products that are on the move.

idtracon has a warehouse label solution that suits every warehouse application, we have the best and most durable warehouse identification solutions available that will enable your warehouse to operate far more efficiently which will save valuable time and importantly money.

By getting a clear understanding of your warehouse project / inventory system allows idtracon to supply a warehouse label solution that best suits your warehouse application that will contribute to improve efficiency and keep track of pallets and skids movements or what’s in storage whether they are situated in the aisles, racks or in temporary bay.

Would you like to…
Reduce stock-outs?                                 Lower labour costs?                     Simplify invoicing processes?
Virtually eliminate paperwork?              Improve accountability of leasing?

Integrating bar code or RFID into your warehouse inventory system can do all of this and more by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of data collection.

No Project is too Small or Large … Whatever your technology, you will find unmatched products to identify and track your stock, processes and products.

Bring idtracon your identification challenge. You’ll get a solution …. GUARANTEED


Asset ID Tags

Our clients range from school districts to hospitals to manufacturers that use Asset ID Tags to identify, track and control property, products and processes.

UID Tags

Our client base includes government contractors, agencies and builders that use UID Tags in order to achieve Mil-STD 130 UID compliance.


Our customers including large manufacturing companies and warehouse/distribution centres that use RFID tags for tracking fixed and mobile assets, reducing costs and simplifying

Still not sure what type of ID tag solution your company or industry requires? Contact us today.