The Power of the Tag

This year, one of the objectives that idtracon had was to really focus on the different kinds of technology we are able to offer to our customers. We wanted to make that clear right away, which is how we came up with the tag line — “The Power of the Tag”.

But what does that phrase really mean?

If you properly qualify the customer’s application in terms of both objective and project parameters, combined with the qualification of the environment the tag will be exposed to and how long it is expected to last, you will end up with the tag being a very powerful tool.

The tag and the information it either contains or represents is very powerful, it can literally be the missing link to a very extensive tracking system or even be the reason a production line comes to a screeching halt. We’ve seen customers have their entire shipment held because they didn’t have a UID label on it, or even charter a plane to come get that all important tag.

So how do you go about measuring the value or power of a tag?

In most cases the value is measured by efficiency gains in an asset tracking program or the savings from not having to replace items that disappeared after a manual inventory. In other cases, the value or power of a tag is measured by lost productivity or even a lost contract if the tag is missing. These are some examples of practical, real life situations.

Theoretically, however, the power of a tag can be measured by the overall impact that using the right technology (i.e. bar code, human-readable numbers, RFID, etc.), and the right methodology (i.e. pre-printed/pre-programmed or on-site printed products), in conjunction with the right materials (i.e. polyester, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.), all have on achieving the desired outcome.

This is truly what we mean by “The Power of the Tag.”


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